Terry White –
Believe in a Better Way for Minneapolis

I've been a resident of Ward 8 - Minneapolis for over 15 years. I have worked in the health insurance industry in a variety of roles since 2007. My children go to school here and my wife runs her own business. I have friends, family, neighbors -- and we all believe in one thing -- There is a Better Way!

I will be focused on bringing new ideas to the city that:

  • House the Unhoused

  • Support Small Business

  • Deliver Practical Solutions for our Transportation Needs



Solutions can't look good on paper and be unusable by those they are meant to serve.

I want practical solutions that help people thrive in the city.


The role of the City Council is to ensure that the city runs well and serves all its residents.

To that end, I am going to research what is effective and advocate for it.


There are many ways to improve city life. As the needs of the city and its residents evolve, so must the government's approach.

I will listen to residents, bring new ideas forward, and learn from the progress of other cities.


Why run for Minneapolis City Council - Ward 8?

The simplest answer is that I believe city priorities are off track.

My intention is to voice a different set of priorities:

Create shelter for the Unhoused. I recognize that the reasons for people being on our streets differs greatly by individual. The number one priority of the city has to be finding shelter and services for those in need. Budget priority must be given so that the Unhoused receive safe and humane housing. Spending over $20 million on Bryant Avenue while people are living in tents in the parks is an example of misaligned budget priorities.

Support Small businesses. They are essential for job growth, lower crime, and a vibrant economy. City planners need to be receptive to learning how to support businesses as they strive to regain a foothold after the Pandemic and the after-effects of George Floyd's murder. Vacant businesses is one sign of urban decline. Nearby parking is usually essential for a business to succeed. Bold action is needed to re-establish a thriving economy.

Practical Transportation solutions. While I agree completely with the city goals for reducing traffic and trips by fossil-fuel vehicles, I disagree with the Minneapolis Streets 2030 plan in its current form. A greater respect for where residents and city infrastructure are at now must be given. For example, Winter prevents many people from cycling, as does age and physical fitness. Many people feel unsafe riding buses or light rail. The Minneapolis Streets 2030 fails to provide a budget for implementation or accept the long, snow-filled Winters we experience here.

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